Our Policies


Quality Policy

Matrix Group Co. is committed to being an industry leader for the delivery of Construction and Refurbishment Services for commercial and residential projects, by means of quality, efficient and safe processes.

Environment Policy

Matrix Group Co. understands and is committed to pursuing an environmentally responsible approach that protects the environment and is sustainable. 

Skills Training & Work Experience Policy

Matrix Group Co. acknowledges the value of placing people in work experience situations and training to broaden their education and introducing them to work or providing them with practical experience in the field of work.

Sustainability Policy

At Matrix Group Co. we believe that we have an obligation to our employees, our communities, our subcontractors, our customers  and the environment as a whole to operate in a sustainable manner.

Workplace Health &  Safety Policy

The Matrix Group, is committed to achieving the highest performance in Workplace Health and Safety. Our aim is to create and maintain a safe, healthy and injury free working environment in the business.

Industrial Relations Policy 

Matrix Group Co. recognises that it is imperative that we establish and maintain a good working industrial environment with our workers and clients. An important element of the Company’s approach is the policy of making industrial relations a line manager’s responsibility, rather than delegating such authority to other ‘service’ people. This ensures that high priority is given to industrial relations throughout all levels of the organisation.
Quality Policy
Environmental Policy
Skills Training and Work Experience
Sustainability Policy
Workplace Health and Safety Policy


Privacy Policy

Matrix Group Co. Will endeavour to protect the privacy and confidentiality of any personal information that you may provide. We do not collect personal information unless you have provided it to us voluntarily, such as via email correspondence and is only used for the purposes of providing a service to you. Our Privacy Policy may be revised in future to reflect technology and legal requirements.



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